Every thing is fine

Five years ago, where was I…
Oh yeah… living out of bags in other people’s homes. Trying to figure out how I could possibly get my shit together. Together enough to start pulling my life together
In this off balance place I started making big moves.
A shift started to happen for me in a tiny little apartment on Unicorn Lane. I visited a friend from University and we stayed up late yelling at each other every night; both of us agog that the other couldn’t see how fantastic they were.
I wrote about it actually, you can find the entry if you like somewhere in June of 2012. I think of those weeks often.
On one of my last days there, Gareth and I were going on a day adventure but, yet again, Moira had to work. She was working shifts at a Thai delivery spot. She was not impressed. I asked her to make me some cards and these are what she made me.
Can’t tell you how many times I used to pull them out to write in them and give them away only to sit with them wondering what on earth goes on in Moira’s head and decide once again that they are all mine. Mine for keeps. Since Moira’s death I can’t put them away. They’re so weird. They are so wonderful. Just like Moira.