Edinburgh Festival: Day 8 and 9

by childofwine

Ok. A lot to cover here folks and it’s two am and I am pooped!

So, here’s the skinny:


The Update
I’ve just signed up to go do a workshop in Denmark for a week. It start this coming Saturday. More on this later (Denmark!!).

24 hours of theatre In a nutshell…

Day 8
Raph and Simon Solve a Murda: I played the dead body. It’s very hard to play a dead body. Then again, it’s actually quite simple isn’t it. Just don’t move.

Track 3: Very fun, fast-paced and entertaining spin on Chekhov’s Three Sisters by a Los Angeles based company. I’m sorry that I’ll miss there run in London (Denmark!!).

Tigger Lillies: How cool are these guys! I wish there was something a little more theatrical to the show than just a pure concert. As fantastic as they were, to me at least, they seem so ripe for just a little something something for the ol’visual palette. Still, no complaints. Also, that man is a beast on the accordion!

A Simple Space: Ok. They used a girl as a skipping rope. That’s pretty much the coolest thing I’ve ev – oh no wait, that wasn’t the coolest thing they did. Everything they did was cool. A simple empty space, audience on three sides, five guys and one gal exploring endurance strength and balance in wonderfully inventive and beautiful ways.

Joz Norris has Gone Missing: I got pulled into this one by a guy called Phil who plays a clown called Doctor Brown. It was pretty silly. Watching him I realise the only thing between me and my own stupid show is me. Well then.

Red Bastard: Second time. I was surprised by how much was actually scripted and by what wasn’t. Managed a few small interactions with him. Felt stupid but stupid with a big smile. Still walked out inspired. Oh, a girl actually went pee in a cup.

Briefs: yessssssss, these guys are the best! All male vaudeville burlesque. Front row seat. These were some pretty pretty fantastic fellas I gotta say. The show is a riot and the acts are beautifully absurd  and occasional trans-tastically sublime.

Doctor Brown: Third, no fourth wait… all shows today featured nekked boys. Winning. Not sure how to explain this one but it was something special that I will not soon forget!


Tomorrow: dunno really it’s a bonus day! Maybe some Taiko, maybe some music, maybe some theatre.

I tell you what though, I will be happy to have this part of the adventure end on a high note and leave while the going is still good.