Edinburgh Festival: Day 6

by childofwine

Day 6 in a nutshell: the shows just keep on coming! My feet are wet.

Great fun. Three performers. Tiiiiiiiny little performing space. We ended up front row, face just above performers feet.

Thor of the Common Man:
I wanted to like this so much. Chinese company. Beautiful masks and fantastic bodies moving in space but I sort of walked away feeling as if someone snuck in a different show than the one I was supposed to see.

Le Foulard (The Veil):
Loooooooved this one. Another Gaulier grad. Am I biased? A woman. A piece of fabric. Stunning character work. Beautiful hands.

Next Door:
This one had a very unfortunate performance space. Felt like we were in some sort of hangar and you could hear music and voices from other spaces. There was an incredible moment of incidental beauty near the end as the actor stood downstage centre in a spot light and you could see the steam wafting off his head.

The FF signed up to perform after we watched this. I may be roped in. Feeling a little nauseous but after watching all these seasoned performers go up on stage to try something they would never or have never done before and almost all experience fantastically awful flops I might be up for it…



I don’t know. Tickets are somewhere. It will involve a lot of shows.