Edinburgh Festival: Day 4

by childofwine

Late start again today. It’s nine thirty and I need to be out of the door in forty minutes. Remind me why I thought it was a good idea to send my nice fully supportive sneakers home? My feet are buzzing.

Hard life.

I’ve just erased a paragraph five times. My brain isn’t working. Perhaps today is very brief.

Here’s the plays done what I have saw yester day:

Miyazu, The Little Mermaid:
Beautiful. Japanese company. Performed in Japanese. On stage kimono changes showing the transformation and death of the little mermaid. Three long strips of fabric manipulated to become a raging ocean separating her from her love, catching her and throwing her in the waves, live drums, rose petals fluttering around the two reunited lovers, fantastic choral masks.

Funny Flamingos:
Second viewing. Different guests. This one ended yesterday and was the show of a clown school friend. He and the FF did a bit. Playing with limits of stupidity. Surprisingly, they have yet to cross it but they sure gave it a go!

Poetic Justice:
Malcolm Head was one of the performers in Funny Flamingos. Had a show downstairs afterwards. Quite liked him. Not very good, but he said that on his flyer so I wasn’t disappointed. Got a woman from the audience to perform with him a play about pensioners. Made me worry about old age. Malcolm is a full time assistant-archivist at Kent Police Museum, Chatham and part time performance poet.

Pecker and _____:Now this was stupid. Really fecking stupid and I liked it! Another variety show. Totally mad. Great great great. They lured me on stage with promised of whisky but really it was just whisky boxes being used as urns being used a musical shakers. I got a shot of vodka out of it and forgave them. (Don’t really know what the show is called, just sort of wandered in and stumbled out!)

Oh My Irma:
I gotta think about this one. It was a great story and a great performance but… I dunno, maybe it was the prospect of home staring me right in the face. The prospect of what I’ll do when I get home but… let me get back to you on this one.

That was it for the day. Lots of fun rambling and wandering and yammering on in between.

A Young Man Dressed as A Gorilla Dressed as an Old Man Sits in a Chair for 56 Minutes. Worbley and Farrell: Deviations of Keys.


L’Apres-midi d’un Foehn
Stuart, A Life Backwards
Fright or Flight