Edinburgh Festival: Day 3

by childofwine


This place does strange things to time. I feel like I’ve been here forever and at the end of the day have trouble remembering everything I’ve seen.

Imagine me in a few days.

I just booked thirteen more shows. Less than was on the scribbled list I slaved over yesterday. Some just didn’t seem worth the money when it came down to it, some were sold out already, some you simply can’t buy tickets for and some maybe if I get there early enough might still have tickets for sale.

Fair game.

Day 3 was a three show day. Three surprising entertaining and incredibly stupid shows. A real Gaulier day I suppose.

It was supposed to be a four show day but I didn’t have a ticket and I didn’t feel like running. No, instead I felt like wandering around the city searching for inserts for my quickly disintegrating shoes. My poor little doggies.

So, the three shows.

The first was another stand up, not necessarily what I would have chosen but it was the choice of a fringe friend (an FF if you will) and I was happy to oblige. The performers however were not and in fact didn’t even show up! What followed was an impromptu How Long Can We Get Away With This with two British comedians called, I think, Dan Fog and Nick… something. My FF even managed to charm his way into the act for a bit. It wasn’t so much that they were a laugh a minute but that we, once we realised that this was truly NOT what we came for, were all in some sort of silly pact to have fun. The highlight being the realisation that a twelve year old was quite happily sitting in the back listening to the more than adult content as his dad ‘face palmed’ and shook his head in laughter whilst the two onstage routinely checked in to see if the little one understood what they were talking about.

The second, billed as Die Hard Meets The Office, was Blam! Really I leave the rest to your imagination. No dialogue beyond a grunted and repeated word here or there but the stage folded in half, a water cooler came to life in surprisingly beautiful ways, iron man showed up and the hulk… Fantastic physical horseplay.

The third show was my favourite. Performed by, Gaulier School grad, Trygve Wakenshaw and simply called, Squidboy. A guy stands on stage in fisherman gear. This same guy stands on stage wearing terry cloth and announcing that he is in fact a squid. Nonsense ensues. On the one hand I felt I got a fantastic practical example of how one could make manifest my last month of clown college. On the other hand I had a beautiful theatrical experience full of imagination and laughter and also of tenderness and beauty. I wonder a bit how I’d feel seeing it again, if it would work again, if the experience would be as magic, but I would be happy to find out.


Pick up stack of tickets.
Miyazu – The Little Mermaid.
If tickets are available at the door, a one piano four hands concert.
Toronto’s own, Oh My Irma.
and… I thought I had more on the list…