Edinburgh Festival: Day 10 and 11

Ewe guise, eye sore flirty nein shoes. E’en won wok.

Yes, indeed. The above is what might happen to your brain, should you too try and see one less forty plays in eleven days.

I think I may have slightly over done it. By one day. Just. Maybe. I have no regrets and I found it very hard to leave. I want to know what the Australians are eating or drinking or smoking or dreaming because they definitely made the festival winning shows for me.

After almost running and almost getting on a train running in the wrong direction I arrived in London and slept till one. My body feels mildly run over. I think I will have a bath. This week is a bit of a light dream. I am off to see a friend’s play, I might meet with one or two friends for a drink and I’m going to catch up on emails, look into project grants, write collaborators and begin the process of contacting piano students. Then off to Denmark. Surprise! A very last minute impulsive decision and I now have a flight booked for Friday Aug 23 to Copenhagen and a return on September 1st to London. I’ll be taking a workshop with Paolo Nani as part of the Wave festival. Why not.


Day 10.

A circus show. We missed the opening and apparently the introduction of the concept that it was a ‘bad’ circus. I just thought it was bad. Not that they were bad, just that the idea itself was poorly executed. I thought they were quite good. Aerials that were manipulated by a monkey-man who flew up and down a metal frame controlling the height of the areal work and a number on silk ropes that ran almost constantly through an oversized spool of thread almost made up for the bad idea.

It’s Dark Outside
My favourite show of the lot. So simple, so beautiful so fantastically executed. I got a little too excited about it, my mouth and mind running tripping spinning. I saw a number of shows twice over the past week for various reasons I wish I’d been able to start each day with this one. There was no rush with this storytelling and the story enveloped you like a beautiful sad dream as the various levels of animation puppetry and staged magic worked in a beautiful symbiotic state of pure storytelling. I’d love to see these guys come to Toronto.
Here’s a nice trailer I found online: It’s Dark Outside

Evolution of Imaan
The standup of a self-proclaimed ‘migga’. Imaan is little. Very little and his whole stand up rests on the idea that he is the future of evolution; in a world where we are rapidly out growing our space and resources the logical next step would be for us to get smaller!

This is another piece I should have checked out sooner. Housed in a large container in the corner of one of the venues Daydream is a fifteen minute sensory experience. You enter, remove your shoes and lie down in a giant suspended tent. The lights go out. The sounds begin accompanied by subtle and slow colour shifts in low light that gently seeps through your closed lids. Sounds begin far out in the wild, wind water and animals eventually give way to the more mechanical and aggressive beats of the metropolis which eventually, inevitably, fade back to the woods.

Doctor Brown
My day was meant to be completely different then I bought a ticket to this show because all my friends were going but then I sold the ticket to this show because I ran into a friend I hadn’t seen since clown school and we decided to see something else but then I got the timing of another show wrong and, having missed that, missed meeting up with this friend and then had nothing to do since I no longer had a ticket to Doctor Brown and was about to dissolve and lose all ability to make decisions and just wanted to go home but I didn’t have one because I was now living on a couch and I didn’t have the key and and and and I ran into Ruth and she took me to Daydream and I emerged a bit closer to the more collected version of me and we got me a ticket and we all went to Doctor Brown and I had a great time and that’s my story about that.

Day 11

A Simple Space
Because Ruth hadn’t seen it and I wasn’t quite ready to leave and besides, she had the keys to get me back into the house to collect my bags. Totally worth it. Pffff, gravity.

…and that’s my Edinburgh Festival experience…

The Final Tally: 39 SHOWS in 11 DAYS

in order of attendance:

Funny Flamingos
Juliet Yes and Friends
Berlin Expat Comedy Fun Show
Norwegians of Comedy
Funny Swedes (actually two random guys because the Swedes failed to show)
Miyazu: The Little Mermaid
Funny Flamingos (I’m a good friend)
Poetic Justice: Malcolm Head
Oh My Irma
Stuart: A Life Backward
Fright or Flight
Thor of the Common Man
The Veil (Le Foulard)
Next Door
Climb A Willow to the Sea God’s Garden
Red Bastard
Chalk Farm
Balls (the FF and I went onstage for this one. People laughed!)
Raph & Simon Solve A Murda (I played “dead girl”. I’m a good friend)
Track 3
Tiger Lilies
Balls (apparently I enjoy watching performers flop. Let’s call it research)
A Simple Space
Joz Norris has Gone Missing
Red Bastard
Doctor Brown
It’s Dark Outside
Evolution of Imaan
Doctor Brown
A Simple Space