Some Thing I Done Did

by childofwine

A year ago I really went out on a limb and did something that pushed my limits and scared me so much I thought I would be curled under the piano less than five minutes after the show started. Turns out it was great. I wasn’t half bad either!

This year I got to do it again, this time with the knowledge that I could do it, that I could actually enjoy the whole experience. What a wonderful feeling of accomplishment and of personal growth.

The evening in question is a raucous sing-along of Brecht and Weill’s Threepenny Opera put on by Toronto’s Small Wooden Shoe.

For the past several years friends and strangers have gathered for two short rehearsals, learned a whack load of music in a wildly short period of time and then gathered to sing out in a dark and boozy room. Awesome.

Here then is a brief ten minute synopsis of this quite wonderful new holiday tradition: