Irondale Day 2

by childofwine

Oh boy. Day 2? Feels a like we’ve done more than that!

With just four of us in the room there ‘s no break, there is no time to sit and watch while half the class works and no chance to hide behind a body if you’re feeling a little less than enthused.

So it’s a good thing that the work so far is the most demanding… demanding physically –  today we had 3 hours of ‘conditioning’, let’s call it Yoga+, and then it was lunch. After lunch we had to work on our imagination, explore our notion of ‘belief’ – things that are not my favourite to work with it would seem.

Oh and I’ve been told that by the end of the week I’ll be doing a cartwheel. That’d be a revolutionary first! One thing I know about this ol’gal is that she generally doesn’t do inversion, she doesn’t generally exhibit the type of physical awareness and mental dialogue it takes to invert gravity – my pelvis is happy where it is and has no desire to elevate itself in society! Then again this is only Day 2 so who am I to say how things will go by the end of this week or the end of the program three weeks from now.

Inversions aside I have to deal with being in a room in which I feel completely exposed, vulnerable and essentially naked whilst we must turn our hand into paper and let the wind play with it from a light breeze to a full gale and back again, whilst we must embody a series of animals. Today we attempted To Be butter, honey, tar.

Arg, I don’t like this game. I’m far too judgmental, terrified of embarrassment and humiliation, and absolutely too concerned about my status in the group. This is going to take a lot of leaps off of cliffs, of hand held moments with fear and probably a moment or two where I’m gonna have to throw the saddle back on fear and ride it ride off the cliff where we can fall holding hands like Thelma & Louise.

And it’s only Day 2