Day T-1

by childofwine

Okay, um, so like I know I promised I’d have something up by yesterday but it was Freaky Friday and the cat ate my computer okay?

I am writing, it’s proving a lot more difficult than I anticipated but it’s coming along. I’m going to start writing about this next workshop that starts Monday as I continue to work on the epic wrap up…

Monday I start working, joined by three other participants (!!), with the Irondale Ensemble. I don’t know much about what’s going to happen other than that everyone I know who has done it in the past has been incredibly challenged and incredibly inspired, I know that there will be physical training in the mornings (how ever will I cope?!) and creation and mask work in the afternoon.

I have a house, seemingly to myself, and a bike and some of my nearest and dearest friendlies to hang out with. There are exciting fundraisers, music festivals, patios, beaches and back yards I haven’t seen in some time AND! apparently it’s even hot there!

Now, to get everything done and everyone seen that needs to be done and seen before my Sunday flight…