Day where am I?

by childofwine

It’s been two weeks since the Skidmore/SITI program ended and almost a week since I landed back in Canada and already, it’s slipping fading vanishing behind me as I race on with my life.

This is not how it’s supposed to go! This is not how I’m supposed to be! I’m different now, I’ve changed learned grown (okay fine I KNOW I’m never gonna grow anymore but you don’t have to be so literal!) Okay, so it’s not that dire. I just booked my flight for Halifax for a three week intensive session with the Irondale Ensemble – from a group of 59 in Skidmore to a group of about 20 in NYC to a group of FOUR, that’s right FOUR, in Halifax (where one is supposed to hide on a bad day I do not know… I am glad this is the third of my programs this summer and not the first. I have learned a lot about failure and acceptance and I think I shall need every ounce of grace and bravery to get through this next challenge.)

What was the point?

Oh, right. Not forgetting, moving on from, losing all the wonderful lessons. So, in the spirit of things I have not done before – like keeping a diary/blog – I want to attempt to put down in words what I think might have just happened to me.

It occurred to me as I rode the NYC subway to meet the remaining summer workshop stragglers for a drink (on a rooftop underneath the Empire State building lit up in red and white just for me/Canada Day) that I needed a way to structure my quickly approaching attempt to sum up this last month and a half. So, having learned to learn from my experiences, I began to make a list of ‘requirements’ ‘guidelines’ or whatever you want to call the endless lists that Anne gave us for our compositions. I then asked the stragglers to add to the list and I then emailed the 59 for theirs. Some replied and some actually replied with excellent suggestions!

SO, here then is the Anne Bogart inspired checklist for


  1. 3 honest truths
  2. 3 broken expectations
  3. 5 favourite moments
  4. 5 hardest moments
  5. a paragraph using one word sentences
  6. an accelerando
  7. 20 quotes (at least 1 from each instructor)
  8. 8 detailed characters
  9. a companion playlist
  10. 5 dramatic recounts of in-class experiences
  11. a second language
  12. at least 1 line from each piece of assigned, found & created texts 
  13. Rite structure must inform format for essay structure
  14. 6 standing statues representing emotional journey
  15. must have a title
  16. 5 interview questions for future collaborators
  17. 3 instances of repetition EITHER visual OR linguistic
  18. both poetry and prose must be present, they must not explain each other
  19. use the line “time is yours” in three different meanings
  20. use the line “she said _______ and I thoughed _____” (sp as written by Eng as 2nd language person but am thinking use of “thoughed” instead of “thought” could be fun – maybe it wasn’t a mistake, who am I to judge!)
  21. must have “…” ellipses at least 5 times
  22. must have a metaphor that expresses a physical moment
  23. must have a rapid fire list of foods
  24. must have one sentence about every composition seen
  25. five 5sec plays

Good grief. I feel like I felt in week1 as Anne kept on reading off these crazy sounding requirements seemingly with no end.

My goal is to have this mutha written before I go to Halifax. Somehow over the course of this next week I will do this… I will…

I just carried buckets of water up from the lake to the cottage, it made me think of the walks, I wish you could all be here carrying buckets of water with me. We would laugh and stomp our way into this beautiful crisp clear water and go down in 10 to the bottom of the lake and come up bobbing for beers and laughing like children (and you would ALL be old enough to drink.)