Day… one

by childofwine

It’s 8:30am. Last night has left me hazy in all the good ways and I have just about finished packing.

There was some truly beautiful and inspiring work over the last two days. What we can do!

It’ll take a while to articulate and share all that’s happened these past few days, week, month but I am aiming to do so this weekend.

Gravity shifts occurred and the Hail Mary won us the game (okay I’m so done with this analogy now.)

I have been joining in the nostalgia party as we finish up here but I, in no way, feel that this is an end. This month has shown me the tools with which to generate creativity and material within a rehearsal room and to create work that is truly that of me and whomever I should be lucky enough to work with. It has changed, or at least revealed the possible change – evolution? – of the way I can direct. Anne B calls herself an editor.

Anne B says I take to this work like a fish to water. My heart skips and my 12 year inside throws her arms up in a jubilant yesssssssss!

A proper wrap up post is promised. I am now off to NYC for ten days of ‘theatre going’ and of finding cool spaces to check out and try to get back on top of all sorts of work!

I need coffee.