Day 25

by childofwine

no no no this can’t be it

i’m just finally waking up

i’m just finally starting to see

no no no

it’s just not fair


Today was the last official day of classes. Tomorrow both groups are together for the first time and on the main stage with lights and sound to show our work – Suzuki in the morning and Viewpoints in the afternoon – we’ve been warned, they will mess with our head oh yes, and we know, we will love every minute of it.

Tonight my group’s composition is one of the 6 to present. We’ve found an ending but we’ve yet to try it, this evening’s showing may be that attempt. No pressure.

Still don’t know when I’m going to pack. Still don’t know how to begin processing all that’s happened and catch up on all that’s still to come over the next few months. I arrive in NYC on Saturday to an empty apartment and may just hole up for 24 hours and fill in my notebooks before everything seeps out into the ether.

Then again maybe I’ll be running around the Apple with other folks from the program who, like me, are spending time unwinding and ‘acclimatising’ in the city.

In class today I said the biggest thing that I walk away with and the first that comes to mind is clarity – this training teaches me to see clearly and begin to explore the ability to translate that personal clarity to others working with me. Someone else said it gave them a Dictionary for what they already practiced (he phrased it better but this was the gist of it).

We all played much better today, we all concentrated to a higher level. Why don’t we wise up and figure this out sooner?! Maybe that’s the journey always and over again.

Okay, so packing? Train ticket? I don’t wanna go…

Tonight: in which we shatter physics, or at least we attempt the Hail Mary Take Two!