Day 23

by childofwine


Okay, so, maybe we didn’t quite shatter physics…

Okay, so, maybe the hail mary lighting trick kinda maybe abso-totally didn’t work…

but, we get another chance on Thursday – Vive La Chance!

Got a ton (quite literally, well okay not literally … pedant) of notes, comments and thoughts. Felt a bit like it went on forever but I’m going to go with the fact that this is because we gave them much to think about and I’m going to go with the fact that instead of a nice little easy piece we went big and we went hard and I’m going to go with the fact that yes, maybe, we went a little too big and hard BUT I really do think that the potential and intention was clear.

… at least I hope so…

Here are some of the things we are going to have to work on or that I really liked being told or hear in our feedback session:

  • what is it – and then – what is it really
  • find the musicality
  • making choices when you don’t know what’s happening and no one else really needs to know what they are
  • relationships!!!!
  • there’s feed-back and there’s feed-forward, too much of either just ain’t good
  • that while there’s something to be said for working really hard, there is more to be said about hiding that work on stage
  • images and ideas are great but you need the human events
  • speak in order to find out who you are – direct it towards the audience, they will help: is it having an effect? is it working?
  • what’s different at the end of a piece? how has the world changed?
  • make it poetic
  • breathing too much helps no one
  • pull me into you rather than letting me pull you to me
  • we don’t have to do anything but we chose to do everything
  • don’t ‘play’ something – do it, as best you can
  • cbm: could be more
  • less work, more play

Less work, more play. What is it really. Musicality. Poetry.

Simple right? and all in 10 minutes

We got it.

Did I mention that this Thursday we’ll be shattering the laws of physics? It’s totally gonna work this time, I just know it.

…might as well try anyway!

hrmm, now just when am I going to pack!