Day 22

by childofwine

There’s been a lot of trauma dra(u)ma in many of the groups with this last composition and I’ve become nervous as our group has not really, beyond totally acceptable and productive growing pains, been overwhelmed by the Composition Angst.

It would be foolish to say anything more about the piece, anything jinx-worthy, so I won’t.

The rest of the day was a month of learning at once. We had our viewpoints class in the big theatre space with designers playing with us using lights and sound as well as a live cello. It. Was. Awesome.

I had one really great session where I felt closest I’ve ever been to really being present in the moment and responding and sometimes even reading! Then I had a fairly poopy session which started on the wrong note when I decided to begin from off stage and couldn’t find a way on and when I finally forced my hand it was extremely weak and I knew I was already looking for my exit… but, you learn, oh, you learn. Suzuki was hair dripping sweat day. I maybe got a thing or two and didn’t get a lot of things. I really want to do this work all the time. It makes everything better. They are starting a one year conservatory next year. Je le want! Beacoup beacoup.

Okay here’s the thing. We may have just shattered the laws of physics… just saying.

Now I suppose I should mention that we have yet actually do it to see if it’ll actually work yet and that the once we do get is in front of an audience… but if it works, oh yes, it will be sweet and no matter what we get another chance because this is final composition time and you get to tweak and present again at the end of the week!

Relying on fishing line, twine and duct tape – well, if that ain’t black box theatre at it’s best I don’t know what is! …Although there was that one moment in tech today when I found myself operating two dimmers with one hand, another light switch with my right foot, and holding the twine betwixt my teeth to prep for my right hand to pull it when I wondered if maybe just maybe we were pushing our luck…

pshaw. nonsense I say.

This compositional work is unlike anything I’ve done before really and with a solid group I see the potential for great discoveries and add to that designers who speak the same language and it’s really A Whole New World (sorry, someone just sang that in the halls… people really are teetering on the brink these days! It’s a riot here)

We have another run through in the space tomorrow morning at 8:45 and I’m hoping no other groups are in there so I can get in before (really??) so maybe I should decompress and go to sleep.

seriously tho – physics = exploded = phoomph

… and kafka and drowning vultures and big gay tea parties and schizophrenic leaps of joy…

and seven beautiful brave artists who have found a way to work together to create a “beautiful nightmare”

did I mention that we think we may have structured our piece like the Rite itself? … yeah…