Day 17pm

by childofwine

Starting to get back to regular evening hours. Dangerous this!

Gotta go to bed but things are going well. We duked it out for rehearsal space tonight and I think my group’s in good shape.

Tomorrow is our first official rehearsal and we have a short but ambitious plan of attack to get the ball rolling.

Found a piano and played a bit of the Rite – it’s bat poop crazy is what it is! This is not sight readable music but patterns that must be learned to be repeated. Cool.

I’d like to now talk about squirrels. Yes squirrels. But not the mangy patchy disease ridden nasty vermin you see in Toronto, no. These squirrels are beautiful, like the fuzzy stickers you traded as a child, bushy tailed healthy looking picturesque, statuesque in fact, amazing squirrels. You see them all around campus posing just for you – they know we’re watching. Then they hide in the garbage cans to scare the living daylights out of you. It’s a very fun game we play.

I might bring some back to Toronto.