Day 12

by childofwine

I don’t even know right now! In neither a good way nor a bad way. It’s been both and then some (“and then what” we often hear).

People are starting to break down. To cry, to physical break and ache. Amazingly in all of this: I’d dearly love a ciggie. I’M NOT GONNA so relax … but doesn’t mean it don’t hurt just a little.

Ok. I can’t do this right now, I won’t lie to you. I’ve spent the evening with a bottle of wine and some lovely new friends. There was a bbq off campus but I thought it’d be wise to stay in and… decompress… you know, clean my room, think about things, maybe write a good entry here, get a good sleep.

Aaaand, it’s 1am. So. I’m off to bed. I get to sleep in all the way until 8 40 –

which should leave me just enough time for a nice write up, before breakfast/morning rehearsal, in which I will try to entertainingly and eruditely sum up the weeks events and insights including a no-holds barred description of Jessie Takes A Dance Class (in which I just about lose what few marbles I am barely grasping on to. Mom, I really did you proud!)

Until then,

So long and thanks for all the fish (ok, that’s got to be the wine talking… best get out now before it’s too late!)