Day 11

by childofwine

Good grief! This week is crazy! I’m going to try and write a good summary of sorts tomorrow but…. eek!

Short version = Hitting walls and peaks all day long. Stomping on my feet really sucks as does my balance. Excited about new composition group. Next week is game time as it’s the last composition and therefore the last chance to volunteer to direct. Starting Monday we’re joined by summer workshop members of the Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Dance company who are doing a similar intensive here at Skidmore as the company works on their own Rite of Spring inspired piece with the SITI company. Stravinsky’s music gets more and more under our skin. It’s starting to grow on us in unexpected ways. Tonight I finally found the piano room, only for a half hour but it was nice, next time longer, next time with the Stravinsky piano score (eek!)