Day 10

by childofwine

Well, yesterday happened!

I don’t know that I’ve processed enough to really share what went down. Nothing calamitous really just a lot a lot a lot of information. The usual morning of falling over and trying to stand solid like those Stonehenge rocks below followed by the general fear of Viewpoints (I did however get up in the open session and even had a little fun! Hooray!)

Oh! and I got my ipod back! Big Hooray!

Then… it was composition time. We were third, we were walking in the back still trying to work out details – never the best sign.

We did okay despite our best intentions – including an absent third boom box, I managed to do some pretty quick thinking mid show and it wasn’t as disastrous as it might have been. Although, I will say that using iphones during shows is NOT my favourite way of sabotaging timing!

The other shows all had that one little element that dogged us the whole way through: a spine, a unifying thread, a “stupid story” (something the audience need never know) – a common understanding that drives through the piece giving it meaning and allowing the performers to relate to each other, their space and, the audience. Notes were difficult for me, I kept reminding myself to just keep my mouth shut (I did).

The other groups really had some amazing moments and I’m not saying that we didn’t at all – we just lacked the glue.

It’s all good though we have a week to gather ourselves and post-mortem this thing and recalibrate for the next… no? Right into the next one eh?

Right on!

Week 2 Compositions and we had our first rehearsal last night: item number 1 = Listen to Rite of Spring in its entirety then, for 2 minutes, do some automatic writing. It’s quite an exceptional piece of music to really lie there and listen to all the way through!

I have a good feeling about this group. It feels generous. I’m not directing again so I really need to work on that!

Open mind, open heart, open eyes.

Maybe one of these days I’ll type up one of the composition lists of required elements. This week we have 21 for a 10 minute piece.

…it’s been raining all week… not like we spend much daytime outside!

Stomping first today so I better get some food now so I have a little time to digest. (Little Miss Sleeps Through Her Alarm forgot to set her alarm today! Thanks goodness for some innate sense of distrust causing me to wake in time, in fact at the right time!)