Day 8

by childofwine

Here I am trying to figure out how to approach this here first entry for week two. Thinking about where I was last week at this time all pumped and physical psyched and how I am now tired and sore and feeling like now is when I will encounter the first real struggle and the first real … what’s the word I’m looking for here … resistance? maybe, something along those lines though – that first sense that I am having to really negotiate my way through a problem.

We have our first compositions due this week and many of us are, as the kids say, “freaking out”. Personally, I don’t think my group’s is really anything yet but we do have some really nice bits and pieces – tonight we make it something or it is what it is.

My friend Shani just posted this on her facebook, I like it: Best advice of the day: You’re working your tail off night and day, but this train is leaving the station whether it’s perfect or not. You can only do what you can do.

I think I’m gonna try to work with that this week.