Day 5 pm

by childofwine

First of all, I didn’t miss a post this morning because of Miss Sleeps Through Her Alarm (although Miss Didn’t Turn On The Speakers did try to make things difficult) but it was because of faulty college web service.

Second, the reason I keep deleting these stupid things is because pressing “command” + “left” does not – like in all my other writing programs – simply take my curser back to the front of the line but instead takes me back to the previous page I was on hence deleting everything I’d written.

Now that we’ve dealt with that:

Wow, this thing here in Saratoga Springs with the SITI company is soooooome tough! I think I was good up until this afternoon’s work. I think I got my butt kicked on a retractable leash just for sh*ts and giggles! I think that I came pretty dang close to crying.

It’s really flipping hard to have to confront everything about yourself whilst working with every fiber of your being to use that confrontation towards some sort of growth. And now I’m expected to go out with everyone for a drink and socialise. I didn’t realise this was gonna be part of the work!

I had a great lunch today with people talking about fear of what something is or might be versus what it actually is and is seen as by the group. In suzuki, in viewpoints, in life. This work reflects outwards and when I’m out at the bar it too will reflect back to the studios of this week.

I wrote some good stuff down to talk about here but it seems that I must ‘dress up’ for the evening now and I have not quite thirty minutes to become presentable to be seen in public. I’ll try for a good week one review this weekend.

Thanks for all the positive comments and support towards this little diary attempt and my mad adventured here in the Ewe Ess of Eh.

I’m still breathing.