Day 3

by childofwine

I’m not sleeping so good. Little miss Princess in the Pea here. I put my mattress on the floor ’cause it’s so high up and I tend to snap awake in the nights and figures I don’t need that paralytic feeling one, or I, get when my body knows not to move too much ’cause it could fall. I miss my bed. I miss my pillow. Every morning when I wake up I doubt the various electronics in my room – they’re lying to me, it’s not 7:20, it’s too quiet in the halls. I’m late, I’ve missed breakfast, the morning sessions have started and the doors are now closed.

Ack. Breath.

Something from my application: “I am applying to this program as a continuation of a two year personal exploration into fear and limitations.” Something to remember!

Tonight, our first symposium. I think the history of the SITI company after which my first composition rehearsal. We need to get Rite of Spring into our minds and bodies… and I seem to be the music person around town… (Aaron, I might be getting musically electronically creative. Like on a kindergarten level but it’s happening!)