Day 2

by childofwine

Terrible sleep. Thighs hot and screaming. Yes, folks, it’s Day 2!

I’d like to thank Steph for her AC covering trick, I’m getting lots of credit for it.

And Wes, at orientation I thought I knew what you were talking about when you mentioned the ‘intense circle greeting’ then next morning I realised what you were talking about. Every single one of us in our group:

What is your full name. What do you do. What is your culture. Why do you do theatre.

One made me cry a bit. Lots of people come from madness.

I didn’t have the courage to saydirector so I said storyteller and piano teacher and then listened as I was qualified as a piano teacher around half the circle. Anne jumped on the piano teacher and asked if she could lean on me musically during the session. I turned bright yellow and stammered about how I couldn’t really play I could only read… arg… I went and tried to redeem myself after: “When you asked me about piano I got scared but I’d really like to see what I can do” so now I’m going to get a score for Rite of Spring. Yeah. Ack!

Breath Breath Breath. Bring on Day 2