Day 0

by childofwine

Dear my loves (and the rest of you too),


Despite my best intentions I have made it into the United States of America almost incident free (my sexy new headphones almost made me miss boarding the second smallest plane I’ve flown in and the first such small plane I’ve landed in!) and am now in the state of New York on a bus from Albany airport to downtown Saratoga Springs. A short taxi ride and I’ll be at Skidmore College registering and getting the key card for my dorm room these next four weeks. Then orientation, sleep if possible, and tomorrow, tomorrow we stomp.

I feel far more courageous now than I did this morning or last night or the past week. All my doubts and fears, the ones that plague me regularly, the ones I mostly overcome, the ones that seem to emerge when the larger issues are helped by pretty pink capsules, all of these little bastards have been clamoring for my attention but now that there truly is no turning back they know they’ve been beat (only Miss Sleeps Through Her Alarm remains but I’ll show her…)

My goal, other than being asked to be Anne’s apprentice and start being groomed as her successor of course (while at the same time re-kindling my nascent board-treading abilities and becoming a renowned Actrice) is to forget my ambitions, my preconceived notions of self and self worthiness, to breath through past beyond those (intentionally?) unreachable high standards that can cripple paralyze distort and breath. And stomp.

Breath, be brave, risk it all and then risk it all again.

Think of me Monday morning!